Dashcam Overhears Pure Joy

A dashcam witnessed the reaction of a child’s first 4WD adventure. The boy giggles to the splashing of puddles on a muddy backroad. His laughter gets louder and tells the story of a terrific bonding moment between father and son, far from the city.

Just a Basic Dashcam

The camera used here is an Accfly, which is one of the lowest price cameras on the market. It scores high marks for usability and dependability. With its suction cup mount, this dashcam can be attached to the windshield for a secure vantage point. It plugs into the 12v (cigarette lighter) port and recording begins as soon as it is powered. We have better dashcams in our collection and wish we had used one with better video for this trip. 

Good Audio Matters

The audio quality is very good in this clip. In fact, the audio is the best part of the story told here. Be sure to understand your local laws around recording voices, even on a dashcam. In some places, the recording of voices is regulated or prohibited.

Not Your Typical Dash Cam Video

This short clip is great because it’s entertaining, it tells a story, and it isn’t another car chase, crash, cops and robbers or witnessed crime story. It’s just for fun and it’s far away from any city lights and traffic.