He wants something useful… Even more useful than another tie.

Seriously? A dashcam for Dad? Aren’t those just weird things they use in Russia to videotape meteors and drivers who can’t drive? You have probably seen a few of those videos online and someone even made them into a movie. The good news for you is that dashcams are catching on here in the USA and they have become very affordable. Dashcams are fun and incredibly useful. They can pay great returns in the event of an accident. The bad news is that now there are at least a hundred brands and models out there, so it’s getting hard to know what to buy. There are some good recommendations in every price range.


Under $50

For less than $50, our favorite is the Accfly 1080P Mini. It records good video during the day but night video could be better. The microphone is quite good and the controls are intuitive. Even though the entire cam is very small, the buttons are easy to use. It comes with everything you need except a heavy duty MicroSD card.

Under $100

Keeping the budget under $100, we like Rexing V1 for very good day and night video quality and simple installation. You will still want to pick up a heavy duty MicroSD card. The Rexing V1 is very low profile, meaning it’s not obvious that you are running a dash cam.

Under $125

For just under $125, we like the Wheel Witness HD Pro. Its bigger form factor means that it’s a little more obvious that you have a dashcam attached to your windshield. It has a larger screen than it’s less expensive rivals and the night video quality is about as good as you can get for the price. Don’t forget that you still want to get a good quality heavy duty microSD card.