The choice to install a dashcam is becoming more clear every day. When it comes down to your word against someone else’s, HD video evidence will be hard to argue. While dashcams were once only popular in Europe and Asia, they are gaining momentum in North America. Understanding the importance of having dashcam footage is one thing, but implementing your decision to add a camera to your vehicle is something else.

Prices have come down and there are many dependable dashcams under $100 these days. Shopping for electronics online makes a lot of sense. Not only does it save time, it’s often a way to save money. There is a terrific variety of highly rated dashcams available at Amazon. They are available at local retailers like Best Buy and also at many truck stops. Like a lot of technology, the price is coming down. We don’t think you need to spend more than $50 to get your first dash cam.

The installation process is really simple, too. Although some drivers may prefer to hardwire directly to the car’s electrical system, it’s not really necessary. Today’s dashcams are supplied with power cords that plug directly into the 12 volt power port.

We like to tuck the power cord up under the passenger side footwell and then tuck it neatly into the edge of the interior trim along the windshield. When the cord is hidden, it’s also protected. Since many of the best dash cams are really small, your installation will be stealthy. It’s important to understand applicable laws about recording video and audio of people in your car. In some places, you should disable the dashcam’s microphone if it’s not legal to record someone’s voice without their permission.

Your experience purchasing and installing a new dashcam can be very simple. Once it’s up and running, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.