DashCammit is meant to be a place to learn about dash cams. I believe so strongly in the importance of using a dashcam, that I created this web site.

Not long ago, I thought dashcams were some sort of geek tech. It sounded like a ridiculous thing. At least I can understand what radar detectors are for, but dashcams were really alien to me until recently. A friend told me he had one because he had a job delivering pizza and one day a little kid was playing in the road where he was driving. Nothing happened – he just avoided the child – but it got him thinking. If he were involved in an accident while at work, it wsan’t really clear where any liability would lie. It’s still not really clear, but one thing occurred to him: if there is a video to tell his side of the story, it’s pretty hard to argue about what happens.

I had a friend who was a trauma unit nurse, caring for people who had been horribly injured. She told me the importance of having my car insurance be primary in the event of an accident. You don’t understand,  I told her, I have great medical insurance. She argued with me and made her point very clear: if it’s a car accident, at least here in Michigan, then you definitely want the car insurance to be primary insurance. I took her admonition to heart and called my car insurance agent. Less than two years later, I was severely injured in a car accident. Needless to say, my car insurance paid a great deal to care for my medical bills. None of those expenses were counted against my “lifetime maximum” medical insurance through my employer. That conversation, with my friend made a huge difference. She told me, point blank, that this is something I need to do.

So I’m doing the same thing with this web site. Not the insurance part, although that’s still just as important as the day she told me. I’m talking about dash cams. I want you to understand how cheap they are, how good they are, how easy they are to use, and how much they can do for you. I have a friend in Korea who tells me that dash cams are considered essentially mandatory there. They even get car insurance discounts for having a dash cam installed. We haven’t reached that level of common sense in North America yet, but I hope we will someday soon.

For now, just remember that you need a dash cam. It could give you the video evidence of what really happened in the event of an accident. Think about what it could mean, in a court of law someday, to show exactly how a series of events unfolded. Digital HD video doesn’t rely on fuzzy human memory. The eye never blinks, and it records every instant. I hope you’ll agree that this technology is brilliant, and every thoughtful and careful driver deserves to have a dash cam.

Thank you for your support of our mission to get the word out about these brilliant little devices. Together, we’ll make a real difference for ourselves and our fellow drivers.


-John Miller