The Best Dash Cam we Have Seen Under $50.

Updated January 28, 2019

The Apeman FHD caught our attention with strong reviews on Amazon, so naturally we bought one. It’s been up and running in the back window for a few weeks and the performance is excellent. We will update the review with more details and get some test shots in our studio this week. In the meantime, we noted that its daytime performance and picture quality is outstanding. At night it’s only adequate – not great – but at this price point it’s the best we have seen.

  • If you’re not sure that a dashcam is for you, give this one a try. We haven’t found a better dash cam at this price.
  • It turns on automatically when powered, and it was simple to tuck the power cord along the edge of the trim and run it to a 12v port in the center console.
  • Like so many of these imported dash cams, it’s important to read the manual carefully so you understand what you’re telling it to do. Once you get the settings the way you want them, it will stay running as long as it has power. If you are using a 12v cigarette lighter power point that is only on when the car is running, the camera will just start up with your settings every time you start the car. Literally set it once and forget it until you need the video to tell your side of the story.

We have been using this one in our daily driver for around six months. Here’s a video made with it recently. if you’re on the fence about adding a dash cam, just buy this one, and pick up a Transcend microSD card to go with it. You won’t need anything else to get started.