The dashboard camera, popularly known as a dash cam, is a video camera fixed on your car’s dashboard, facing outward to the road. Its primary purpose is to record everything going on outside of the car as you drive. Some dash cam systems have two or more cameras. They can be designed to watch the road behind or to the sides of your car, as well as to record the inside of the car. There are legal considerations, so be sure you understand what sort of video and audio recording is permitted in the places that you operate your vehicle.

You can easily add on another device like a GPS to it. You will find these cameras in police cars and taxis. If you intend to install a dash cam in your car, you are in the right place. In this article, you will get to know how a dash cam will be useful to you.

Undeniable Evidence In Case Of a Car Accident

This is most certainly the primary reason why many smart drivers have decided to invest in dash cams. The camera starts recording immediately after the car engine is switched on; therefore, the videos taken are real-time. If you are involved in a car crash, you will have a video to show what happened. Without this kind of water-tight evidence, it is impossible to know exactly what happened. Also, a lot of time and money is wasted along the way.

What About Insurance Fraud?

You may have heard stories about honest drivers becoming targets for insurance fraud. Imagine if someone purposely caused a car accident with you in order to collect from you or your insurance. There are stories of fake injuries in order to collect a large sum of money from the insurance company.

Car Insurance Premiums

We don’t know of any insurance company that offers a discount because of the dash cam in your car. However, in
countries like Thailand, South Korea, and the United Kingdom, insurance companies give these smart drivers discounts. Nevertheless, there are several ways in which this tech for cars can reduce your insurance premiums. Naturally, human beings behave better when they know they are on record. For this reason, it is very likely for people to drive safely. So, this might mean fewer accidents on the road. Furthermore, an insurance company could view someone as less risky if they are willing to record themselves driving.

If you find yourself wrongly ticketed, the recording from your camera can back up your story and help you resolve the conflict. Therefore, you might be saved from paying the fine, and your insurance rate wouldn’t then increase due to a traffic ticket.

Captures Traffic Offenses

Every good, proficient driver who sticks to traffic rules has experienced irresponsible, inconsiderate drivers. These drivers put their lives in danger, as well as other innocent road users. Even if you witness a dangerous case of road rage, your dashcam recording may help to tell the story.

Your Perfect Travel Companion

Are you planning a road trip with your loved ones? How will you capture those unexpected moments you would want to remember, for example, the famous Russian meteorite? A dash cam will automatically make a recording of your trip as you take charge of the driver’s seat.


A dash cam is an essential gadget to have in your car. Smart drivers use it as a defense in disputes and made-up insurance claims. Turn your trip into a memorable adventure with a top-notch camera and a touch of your creative talent.