We have found another great quality dashcam to recommend. The Wheel Witness HD Pro got our attention and we have been running it day and night for over a month. Flawless operation and clear video with excellent color saturation and great field of view help make this a strong contender. The video resolution is terrific and the menus are easy to understand for programming with buttons that are well placed, big enough for large hands, and have good tactile feel. The suction cup mount holds the unit securely to the windshield next to the rear view mirror. The audio track is very good quality as well. The Wheel Witness HD Pro is easy to install and it records to a microSD card. Everyone should be prepared to tell their side of the story with a dashcam and this is a great one to start with. Like so many things in life, if you wait until you need it, it’s too late to go get it. This is one that you can order today and in just a couple days you’ll have it up and running. The GPS function is optional and, while it does add the real-time speed to the data on the recorded video, it’s not absolutely necessary. If you have a new driver in the household that might have a tendency to drive a little fast, this would certainly be a way to start a conversation about safety and playing by the rules. For all the reasons we love dashboard cameras, this compact unit meets our expectations and we think you will love it, too.

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