The Accfly Mini caught our attention with its strong reviews, so we bought one and have been using it for several months. In hot and cold weather, it performed consistently. The LED recording light is just bright enough to reassure that it’s on, without being distracting. The video quality is what we expected for a budget dashcam. The video can be pixelated and hard to see details. Colors aren’t bright and contrast is low. This dashcam provides a very inexpensive entry level but there are much higher quality choices when spending closer to $100. We used it as a rear-facing second camera for a while in an SUV and also tried it out as a side-facing camera. The night performance is poor between streetlights but everything in our headlights remains visible. The unit is quite small and lightweight and doesn’t feel particularly substantial but it also doesn’t challenge the suction cup mount. We plugged it in using the 12 volt adapter/lighter plug and it worked well with no surprises. This is not going to produce Hollywood quality movies but it’s a great beginner model or second camera for a rear window. We recommend the Accfly as good value for the low price. 

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