Dump Truck Slams Into Stopped Traffic

Written By John Miller

September 12, 2018

The driver running the dash cam in the left lane surely didn’t expect this to unfold in front of him. Sometimes a bright, sunny day where nothing out of the ordinary is happening can lead to complacency for drivers. Looking closely, it seems like the driver of the dump truck didn’t see traffic stopped and react in time. The brake lights on the dump truck don’t come on until just before impact. 

Dash cams are there to help us tell our side of the story in the event that we’re involved in an altercation. In this case, the video recorded by the dash cam showed what happened when another driver failed to react to slowed or stopped traffic. The report says that the injuries weren’t life-threatening. This real-life video is another sobering reminder to do all we can to be safe out there, because it all happens so fast. 


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