Who Needs a Dash cam, Anyway?

Written By John Miller

August 14, 2018

Do you really need to consider buying a dashcam? We never had stuff like that back in the day. It’s just another gadget, right? The latest fad contraption to spend another hundred or two on, right?

Guess again. When someone does something incredibly stupid in front of you, you might just capture the next viral video. When they do something truly dangerous and it involves you, it could make all the difference in the world. Trying to explain to a cop or a judge or a jury or and insurance company what you know happened is one thing. Showing them is something else.

What happens when you pull in to a parking lot and see something unexpected… a crime in progress, a building on fire, a tornado cresting the next hill, or a totally unexpected romantic interlude… you will have it all recorded. Granted some of that might be just as well deleted immediately but you have the power of choice to delete, archive, or publish online for the world to see!

But do any of these possibilities rise to the level of need? Do you really need to have that video? I guess it depends on what you have to gain or lose in life. How do you conduct yourself out on the roads? If you have nothing to hide, you may as well keep that dashcam running. You just might be glad you have a crystal-clear way to tell your side of the story some day.


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